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Q: Can we customise our own style and fit?
Ans: Made to Measure Outfits are customised to your dimension for a great fit. Simply follow steps mentions below.
  • Click "Made to Measure" option for any style you want for yourself, we suggest for “Made to Measure” for better perfect fit.
  • Once you choose your style and made to measure option. We will email you a personalised “Photo Measurement guide” Or you can opt for measurement guide from our made to measure section on website.
  • If you choose to follow our "Photo measurement guide" Send us the filled chart measurement sheet via email – Support@indiafashionhouseclothing.com
  • Once we get your measure & back and have clarified any questions we have, well start making your bespoke designer outfit.
Q: How do i Cancel my order?
Ans: Yes you can choose to cancel all non- Ready to ship products. Only if done within 24 hours of placing it. We will initiate 100% refund of your money and a confirmation of the same will be sent to you via – email or if you want you can make a choice for another style within same price range you selected.

"24" Hour Deadline: -
As soon as your order is confirmed, action is initiated at our end. The process of packing, packaging, customizing and logistic start with the ordered in most cases has already passed through a couple of phases.
Q: What if i cancel my order after "24" hours of ordering?
Ans: We provide the refund for the such orders as well option to choose any other product from our website of same value you ordered, To avoid cancellation charges. India Fashion House Clothing will detect 10% of the final order value due to cancellation fees which includes measurement and handling charges.
Q: Could there be a delay at India Fashion House Clothing because of "unforeseen circumstances"?
Ans: We try our best to assure that your ordered products are shipped out to you in the promised time, but at times there are chances of delay in processing due to unavailability of stock, or other unavoidable circumstances. In such a situation, we will send you a formal communication requesting you to.

(A) Opt to receive refund of your money or you may choose to purchase another product of same order value.
(B) If you are not able to find an alternative ethnic fashion statement in such cases we ensure that a complete refund (inclusive of the product cost and shipping charges) is initiated at the earliest including any deductions.
Q: Can i return the received order if there is any issue?
Ans: Yes you can, in the best possible condition but there's always a possibility that
  1. Item(s) may get damaged during transit; or
  2. There may be a manufacturing defect which didn't get noticed during packing; or
  3. A wrong item is shipped out to you by mistake.
Please reach out to us within 48 hours of receiving the order for reporting any complaints with regards to the product received as damaged, found with manufacturing defect, or any other issues.
Q: In what conditions India Fashion House Clothing would not accept any returns?
Ans: Kindly be informed that any product purchased from our Sale Section will not be returned under the Returns Policy except if it's an error on behalf relating to a manufacturing defect or a wrong item has been shipped out to you by mistake. We do not accept any returns if the product is dispatched to us after 7 days of receiving the shipment, so please make sure you report the matter to us, and dispatch the product at the earliest once we accept the return request. Kindly do not dispatch the products before receiving a "Return Accepted" Confirmation email from us, we will not be able to entertain such requests.
Q: How Customer can return ordered item from India fashion house clothing?
Ans: Informing India Fashion House Clothing
In case you have any complaints regarding the product you have received, please ensure that you report it to us within 48 hours of receiving the product.

Note –
Confirmation email from India Fashion House Clothing
You will receive an acknowledgement e-mail from us on confirming a Return Authorisation, within 2-3 business days. Please do not ship items before you receive this email from us. We will be unable to process any "Items Returned" without the Return Authorisation Reference. Please note: Incase needed, we'd request you for a digital picture of the item for our internal review to be able to process your request.

Note –
Shipping Back the Items
When Shipping back the items:
  1. As would be advised in our return authorization e-mail, please send the items to us preferably through a reputed, registered courier/airmail service only to avoid any transit related issues .
  2. Please try and ensure that you retain all the packaging material along with the product. Do not remove tags, stickers, etc. Unless you are sure you want to keep the product. Presence of original tags is a must to process returns.
  3. Please do not forget to mark the packaging as "Defective Items for Returns" and not for sale.
Note –
Item Receipt and Inspection at India Fashion House Clothing Warehouse
As a policy, our teams shall examine the products on return and identify the defects/variation as indicated by you.

Note –
Proposed solutions post receipt of returned items
Post inspection of returned item(s), our Customer Care team will propose remedial solutions to you on a case to case basis -
  • Choosing an alternate Ethnic Treasure as a replacement of equal value
  • Refund of amount of total order value following the IFHC Policy.
Q: How long does it usually take for Returned Items to reach back to the India Fashion House Clothing Warehouse?
Ans: International shipments usually take between 6 to 8 weeks in transit if done through postal service. Any shipment returned within India takes 3-4 days to reach if sent through DHL. Exact time taken for transit would depend on the nature of the product and your location.

I'm thinking about seeking a Refund. Are there any specific points to know?
The Refund will be initiated within 2 (business) days if you choose this option, which will be credited back to you as per your bank/credit card guidelines.
Q: And how long will the refund process take?
Ans: Payments and Transfers are dependent on Banks and Local Laws. We've still attempted to estimate the time it might take to get your funds reimbursed below:

Mode Of Payment Refund Resolution Time Refund Mode
Credit Card 10 business days from the Date of Initiation Credit Card
Debit Card 10 business days from the Date of Initiation Debit Card
Wire-CITI 2 business days from the Date of Initiation Wire
COD 2 business days from the Date of Initiation NEFT
DBD-ICICI 2 business days from the Date of Initiation NEFT
Q: Are there any reasons there could be a delay at the Bank/Credit Card companies end?
  1. For transactions made using Debit/Credit cards, the time taken for refunds depends solely on the service provider.
  2. For customers transacting via Nationalized Banks, please expect a bit of delay in processing since they tend to have longer lead times.
  3. Please be apprised that Banks send an SMS to customers for credit amount of more than INR 5000 only. In case your refund is less than INR 5000 kindly check your bank or credit card account confirmation receipt of funds.
Q: What about charges levied for International Transaction Fees and Local Taxes?
Ans: International Transaction Fees:
Cross Border or, International Transaction Fees, if any charged by the respective bank from your credit or debit card will not be refunded. Please note these are hidden charges levied by your bank on you, and not by us. Customers must contact their bank for additional information on these charges
Local Taxes:-
The VAT / Custom Duty / Local Taxes / Import Duties are borne directly by the customer as per local laws, to be paid at the time of delivery as advised by the respective courier partner. We will not refund any such charges, if applicable during order delivery.